Experts in Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality
Our production and development team have worked in Virtual Reality (VR) for a number of years and have more recently created experiences in Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR), meaning we are one of the most experienced development teams in the UK & Europe.
We have worked with everyone from Startups to Enterprise businesses, we are the guys' other agencies come to and we keep all of our clients on the cutting edge of new immersive technologies, opening up a world of new possibilities.
Virtual Reality (VR)


We design and develop immersive experiences using the medium of VR. VR is delivered to a person via a head-mounted display (or HMD for short) like the one above.

A new wave of HMDs has just hit the market which means you no longer need a high powered PC with a headset attached to it for people to experience new worlds and for brands to open up new possibilities.


The landscape is changing constantly and we are at the forefront of industry developments.

Augmented Reality (AR)


We design and develop experiences in AR which people can engage with via a smartphone or tablet.


AR has become the most popular entry point for brands in the past 12 months due to it being easily accessible to anyone that can download a smartphone app.


From Pokemon Go to Ikea apps that allow you to picture furniture in your room, the sky's the limit for this medium.

Mixed Reality (MR)


On the cutting edge of XR technology,

we produce Mixed Reality applications

that stretch across the spectrum between Augmented and Virtual Reality. These products integrate the real and virtual worlds in exciting new ways using the Microsoft Hololens and Magic Leap headsets.


Whether you want to enhance the user’s environment with seamless virtual elements, place your products literally at their fingertips or explore entirely new frontiers in XR technology, Mixed Reality has a solution for you.

Education & Training Apps
Photogrammetry  Scanning
Engineering Apps
XR Experiences
Motion Capture
Architectural Pre-Visualisation Apps
Lidar Environment Scanning

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