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We craft every tap, swipe and pinch to ensure that your software achieves it's goals in the most simple and engaging way possible, leaving people feeling great and your brand even greater.


Approach us for developing hybrid apps that minimize cost and time and run on all platforms! 

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development


XR has a tremendous power to immerse us in distant or imaginary places. Whether bringing history to life, envisioning the future or sculpting the perfect showroom, PerceptionXR can craft an experience that transports your users to a different world.

XR Experiences


Working with high-poly sculpted or scanned 3D models is commonplace in XR. As such, our 3D team is well-placed to offer retopology services – converting the most intensely detailed meshes into clean, animation and app-ready assets.​


A Boy and His Tablet Device

With a team that includes several former educators, here at PerceptionXR we understand what goes into an effective training app. We are tremendously well-placed to create products that cater to the needs of both students and tutors, harnessing XR technology to deliver education and training in new and innovative ways.​

Education and Training Apps


Take 3D architectural visualisation to the next level with XR applications. Impose your vision on the real world and explore your projects from the inside before a single brick is laid, or project and interact with your models on any surface. With XR, it has never been easier to visualise and showcase your work.​

Architectural Pre-Visualisation Apps


With an Optitrack motion capture suite at our disposal, PerceptionXR can record your movements and translate them seamlessly into the virtual world, providing realistic animation for any application.​

Motion Capture


Enhance your engineering business with bespoke applications tailored to your needs. Assemble and visualise completed projects and installations in-situ in moments, showcase your services in a dynamic new medium or use powerful XR tools to enhance your workflow.

Engineering Apps


The industry standard for bringing the real world into the virtual; we use specialised tools and software to turn real objects into virtual assets with exceptional fidelity.​

Photogrammetry Scanning


Using pulses of laser light to create high-resolution height-maps, Lidar is the solution of choice for large-scale scanning of objects and landscapes into digital form. When your goal is to replicate buildings and large spaces with incredible precision, look no further.

Lidar Environment Scanning